This New Cafe Has Nian Gao Waffles, Tea Ice Cream And Pi Pa Gao Latte In Chinatown

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Ri Ri Cha has nian gao waffles and tea ice cream in Chinatown

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Fans of The Better Scoop have something new to look forward to! Ri Ri Cha, started by the same folks behind the famous ice cream cafe, has opened its doors in Chinatown, along Sago Street.

This new dessert concept stars The Better Scoop’s signature Nian Gao Waffle, tea-infused ice cream flavours, and artisanal tea-centric beverages.

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For a satisfying dessert, go straight for their best-selling Nian Gao Waffle with Two Scoops ($15.80).

This unique, Asian-inspired waffle comes with bits of chewy, sticky rice cake that mimics the effect of stretchy mochi. Taste-wise, it’s said to be slightly sweet with a hint of brown sugar from the nian gao. The waffle is also available on its own at $6.80. If you’re not a fan of nian gao, there’s a plain waffle option priced at $6.

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