This Jalan Besar Hawker Draws Long Queues With Only One Fish Soup Set On The Menu

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Mei Xiang Black & White Fish Soup at Berseh Food Centre

Berseh Food Centre is one of those super old-school food centres which nobody really talks about or specifically visits. They are, however, full of gems such as Mei Xiang Black & White Fish Soup, one of the most popular stalls at this hawker centre.

The food centre itself has been around since 1975, but Mei Xiang Black & White Fish Soup is slightly younger, though still at least two decades in. They only operate for two-and-a-half hours each weekday, or when they are sold out, and they only have one item on the menu.

Image credit: Dan Ho

Black  & White Fish Soup Set is the one and only item on the menu there, priced at a wallet-friendly $6.50 including a bowl of rice. The only options you have are to request extra rice, vegetables, egg or soup, with each top-up costing an additional $0.50

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