This Hotel In Bintan Is Located In A Ship That’s Over 100 Years Old 

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Doulos Phos The Ship Hotel in Bintan, Indonesia

With all the action concentrated in one place, going on cruises is the most convenient weekend getaway. But if you’ve ever wanted to experience the suite life on deck sans the choppy waves and seasickness, you might want to check out Doulos Phos The Ship Hotel.

It may not be a cruise, but it is an actual ship that has been converted into a hotel, complete with the engine rooms and deck intact. Situated on Bintan, it’s a unique island getaway less than an hour from Singapore.

How to get to Doulos Phos The Ship Hotel?

A brief 45-minute ferry journey from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal will transport you to the pristine shores and crystalline waters of Bintan. Upon arrival, the ferry will dock at Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal.

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