This Hotel Has Black Truffle And Cognac Tiramisu Mooncakes Flavours To Wow The Fam This Mid-Autumn Festival

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Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s Mooncake Treasures

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, which means Singapore will have a bit of a mooncake craze in the coming month. If you’re grappling with the multitude of mooncake options available and are a bit lost for choice, let us direct you to the mooncakes from Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel, because they’ve got options for every type of mooncake preference and personality.

This year, the hotel’s acclaimed Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant has created five new baked and snowskin mooncake flavours that will definitely impress your loved ones, or those who receive them as a gift.

The Cognac Truffle Snowskin Mooncake ($82 for eight pieces) is a standout option for booze lovers. These come with a soft snowskin exterior, and a creamy coffee filling, complete with a silken cognac chocolate truffle in the middle.&nbsp...

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