This Heritage Restaurant Has Famous Paper-Wrapped Chicken And Claypot Dishes

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Hillman Restaurant has famous paper-wrapped chicken and more

Last week, I tried Union Farm Chee Pow Kai‘s paper-wrapped chicken for the first time and was informed by my father that there was another restaurant that used to be almost quite as famous for them. That’s when I found out about Hillman Restaurant, or 喜临门大饭店 (xǐ lín mén dà fàn diàn) as they’re known in Chinese.

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It’s not really a household name that frequently pops up when you think of Chinese restaurants in Singapore, but Hillman Restaurant has been around since 1963. Specialising in Cantonese claypot cuisine, the restaurant was founded by Mr Wong Ling Onn, a migrant worker from Guangdong in China. Today, the business is still headed by his children and grandson, with two locations in Singapore, and even one in Osaka!

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In case you were wondering, Hillman Restaurant has actually won awards, including a gold medal for their paper-wrapped chicken at the first Asian Salon Culinaire in 1978, AKA the equivalent of today’s World Gourmet Challenge. They were also named a World Famous Restaurant by the World Association of Chinese Cuisine in 2008.

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