This Handmade Noodle Stall Has Legit Malaysian-Style Ban Mian Near Aljunied MRT

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Penang Heng Heng Handmade Noodles has cheap ban mian

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When it comes to hidden gems in the East, Penang Heng Heng Handmade Noodles is a must-try if you’re a big fan of Malaysian-style ban mian. Nestled in a neighbourhood coffeeshop in Geylang, the eatery is popular for their traditional Penang-style handmade noodles, served in generous portions at affordable prices.

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If you look closely inside the humble stall, you’ll notice a huge noodle machine, which is used to make all the noodles here from scratch. All store operations, including noodle-making, cooking, taking of orders, and dishwashing are handled by the stall’s owner, so do be patient if you find yourself waiting a l...

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