This Geylang Serai Stall Has Four-Flavoured Martabak Manis Pizza

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Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes in Geylang Serai has martabak manis pizza and more

Image credit: Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes 

Irna’s Taste Food & Cakes is a small Indonesian food shop located in MILLAGE condominium, beside Geylang Serai Market and Food Centre. Formerly a home-based business, this shop was opened by Mrs Irna, an Indonesian-Muslim housewife who wanted to share her love for Indonesian cuisine. 

They are best known for their fluffy and thick martabak manis, which are somewhat similar to what we know as min jiang kueh in Singapore. For those wondering, ‘martabak’ refers to a stuffed pancake, while ‘manis’ is the equivalent to ‘sweet’ in Bahasa. 

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