This Fish Soup Stall In Aljunied Sells $3 Fish Soup And Braised Duck Porridge

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Ng Soon Kee Fish Soup & Braised Duck has $3 fish porridge

It’s hard to come by fish soup that’s priced under $5 these days, but we’ve recently unearthed a hidden gem that delivers just that: Ng Soon Kee Fish Porridge & Braised Duck

Image credit: @ivanbotakyong

This heritage stall is located in Geylang East Market & Food Centre. It has been open since 1958 and is run by an elderly couple. Because of their age and the fact that they make everything fresh, some patience is required. Expect to wait up to 45 minutes for your order to arrive, but trust that it’s worth it! 

Image credit: @ivanbotakyong

There are four dishes on the menu, with prices starting at $3. $5, $8, $10. A $15 option is also available. The most popular item is their Sliced Fish Soup, which you can also enjoy as a porridge. Thick slices of fresh horse mackerel come served in a fish broth that has been boiled for hours with pickled vegetables, ginger, and greens—light, sweet, and far from stingy on flavour.

If fish head is your preferred cut, then they also have that available. Else, they have a fish roe option as well, which comes with a thicker, white broth. 

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