This Fancy Eastern & Oriental Express Train Takes You From SG To Penang With A Beach Stop At Langkawi

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Eastern & Oriental Express – Singapore to Penang via train

Singaporeans have no lack of ways to reach our neighbouring country, Malaysia. JB transport options alone span bus, train, car, and ferry. We even have the latest SG to JB Grab bus, priced from just $3. So while the travel modes are aplenty, you might be gunning for a more unique and exhilarating experience – even before you set foot in Malaysia.

If you haven’t already heard of it, the Eastern & Oriental Express is a premium train service operated by Belmond, a luxury hospitality organisation. Having been offering all-inclusive trips across Southeast Asia since 1993, they’re back with their latest route: a 4D3N Singapore to Penang itinerary, named “Essence of Malaysia”. Très atas! 

What to expect on Eastern & Oriental Express trains

For most of us, the extent of train rides that we’re familiar with are none other than the MRT, and the KTM shuttle at most. So if you’ve never embarked on a luxury transnational train ride, here’s what you can expect from Eastern & Oriental Express’ fancy fixings.

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