In this Makan Kakis series on where to spend your CDC vouchers on, Gold 905 DJ Denise Tan gets her first taste of the scarlet-hued mutton marrow bone stew that was invented in Singapore in the 1950s. And at Deen Tiga Rasa, it’s triple the flavours stretching back three generations.

An Indian Muslim stall owner at Jalan Sultan is believed to have created sup tulang merah in the 1950s. This one's from the popular Deen Tiga Rasa stall. (Photo: Denise Tan)

Ever on the hunt for new taste experiences, it shamed me to realise that while I’m a big fan of peppery sup kambing (mutton soup), I’ve never actually tried its decidedly more flamboyant relative, sup tulang merah.

In Malay, it literally means “red...