This Exhibition On LKY Is A History Lesson Disguised In 6 IG-Worthy Installations

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Now Is Not The Time: Art exhibition on Lee Kuan Yew

There’s nary a Singaporean that doesn’t know of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. The man and the legend is brought up every National Day, general election, and then some.

If he were still alive, he’d be 100 years old today. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to ask you to burst into a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday. But here’s one way you can commemorate LKY this September: by visiting Now Is Not The Time, an art exhibition chronicling his life, legacies, and visions for Singapore. Here’s the scoop:

6 IG-worthy zones incorporating AI & art installations

If you’re expecting mementos preserved and placed behind glass panels, well, you’re in for a surprise. This exhibition uses AI, sculptures, music, and film all packaged into one to create IG-worthy photo ops.

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