This Desert-Themed Convenience Store In JB Has 2,000 Types Of Snacks & Blind Boxes

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Avery-Day convenience store, JB

Crossing the causeway just for a convenience store sounds loco, but you’ll understand why soon enough. If you’ve visited KSL City Mall often enough, you might already be familiar with Avery-Day at JB Sentral. The Santorini-themed convenience store had photo ops around every corner, as well as snacks and freshly baked desserts.

Well, they’ve done it again. But with a desert-themed store at Nusa Bestari this time round. Here’s what you need to know about Avery-Day’s second outlet.

Desert-themed interiors with mini cacti garden

Image credit: yusthevirus ytv via Google Maps

Unlike the blue-and-white building at the other Avery-Day outlet that instantly reminds you of Santorini, this outlet is more subtle on the outside. But it’s anything but unassuming. The 3-storey convenience store stands out with its giant dome-shaped windows.

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