This Atas Bus Service From SG To KL Has “First Class” Seats With Massage Functions For Just $60

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Transtar Travel’s first class coach to KL

With airline fares soaring and traffic crawling on the causeway, many of us might prefer making the journey to KL on a comfortable bus over flying or driving. But not everyone might be keen on being squashed in a coach for 5 hours – so what if we told you there’s a “first class” option available?

Enter Transtar Travel’s First Class Solitaire Suite – an express coach that gets you to the city for just $60 with – you guessed it – first class amenities. We’re talking hot meals served by stewards, personal entertainment systems, and chairs that can give you a massage.

Seats with more legroom, a footrest & massage function

No one enjoys being stuck in a cramped car seat for hours. And you don’t have to when coaches like the First Class Solitaire Suite offer lots of legroom to sit comfortably during the long journey.

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