This Amusement Park Near Hanoi, Vietnam Is The Largest In SEA To Add To Your 2024 Travel Bucket List  

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Sun World Halong Complex – SEA’s largest theme park 

Rollercoaster addicts would find that there’s no shortage of new theme parks in Asia. From the new World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland to the upcoming Junglia Nature Theme Park in Okinawa, wandering thrillseekers can just hop on a plane to get their adrenaline fix. 

Well, let us put Sun World Halong Complex on your radar. Located in the heart of Halong city in Vietnam, It’s Southeast Asia’s largest theme park, spanning 214 hectares. That’s about 2 times the size of Gardens by the Bay, which occupies 101 hectares. 

2 main areas connected by the world’s longest cable car track

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