This 58-Year-Old Stall Sells Rare Lotus Seed Dessert And More At Margaret Drive

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Soon Heng Hot & Cold Desserts at Margaret Drive Hawker Centre

Old-school desserts stalls in Singapore are dime a dozen, though few have truly withstood the test of time the way Soon Heng Hot & Cold Desserts has. Established in 1964, this hidden gem of a Chinese dessert stall used to be located at Tanglin Halt Food Centre. However, since that kopitiam was slated to close down, Soon Heng Hot & Cold Desserts recently moved operations over to the new Margaret Drive Hawker Centre.

Image credit: Marcus Goh

Fans keep coming back to Soon Heng Hot & Cold Desserts for the nostalgia that comes steeped in each bowl. Some have been patrons since they were young children, and recall the owner of the dessert stall making their wares from scratch, instead of relying on store-bought bean and yam pastes, for example. 

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