This 40-Year-Old Bakery Sells Gao Orh Nee And Sweet Potato Swiss Rolls In Aljunied

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Garden Pastry & Cake in Aljunied

Fans of old-school bakeries and their nostalgic, affordable confectioneries should put Garden Pastry & Cake on their radar. This heritage Aljunied gem goes above and beyond the usual, expected array of cream cakes and buns one finds in a traditional bakery, with their specialty Swiss rolls starring thick, locally inspired fillings.

Image credit: @thefluffypao

Their most popular item is their Orh Nee Swiss Roll Cake, priced at $3.80. The sponge-to-filling ratio is off the charts here, with a generous amount of house-made orh nee paste stealing the spotlight.

Image credit: @thefluffypao

Fans love how the filling is made with 100% real yam, and not artificial flavouring mixed with cream. The paste is also not too sweet.

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