This 24/7 Old-School Bakery In Whampoa Has Over 50 Years Of History

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Sing Hon Loong Bakery is an old-school bakery in Whampoa that opens 24/7

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Cafes for brunch and pastries receive a lot of love from Singaporeans, but traditional bakeries have a soft spot in our hearts—especially for most of us who grew up with them. Sing Hon Loong is one of the remaining few, if not the only, 24/7 bakery in Singapore that still sells the same old-school buns we all know and love. The Whampoa bakery has been around for over 50 years and counting.

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Regulars return for the soft and fluffy bread, which is a taste of yesteryear. Choose from a wide array of buns on display, in classic flavours such as Coconut ($2.20) and Red Bean ($2.20).

Apparently, Sing Hon Loong also used to supply bread to Ya Kun Kaya Toast! They’ve since stop...

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