There’s A New Korean Kopitiam In Singapore With A Ramyeon Library

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Market Blue is a Korean kopitiam in Tanglin Mall

Tanglin Mall may not be everyone’s go-to dining destination given that it is a touch off the beaten track, but if you love Korean food, it’s time to make your way down, thanks to Market Blue. This all-new multi-concept lifestyle store is also home to a Korean kopitiam, and has a full-fledged ramyeon library.

There’s a lot going on at Market Blue, from Korean-style photobooths to apparel collections, even a mini merch store and library.

Foodies should zone in on the La Myun Le Chip corner, which has walls full of unique ramyeon flavours sourced from Korea.

These are not just your usual brands , offering far more than Nongshim and Samyang. Pore over your options and take your pick(s)! One pack goes for $2. Buy 10 packs, and get two free.

La Myun Le Chip also has a range of Korean snacks, including potato chips!

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