There’s A Giant Yishun Pasar Malam Food Street Running Till 2 October

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Yishun food street pasar malam open till 2 October

Calling all Northies and pasar malam lovers, it is time to head down to Yishun MRT Station. It’s recently become home to a giant Food Street night market, which promises a staggering amount of food options, including plenty of Muslim-friendly stalls.

Image credit: @cartoonjira

We all know the best part of a pasar malam is the food, which makes this Yishun opening all the more worth going down to visit. According to their organisers, there are over 50 stalls on site, with traditional pasar malam fare and trendy eats on the menu.

Every pasar malam worth its salt will have stalls selling takoyaki, tornado potatoes, tutu kueh, XXL Taiwanese chicken chop, sweet potato balls, oyster pancakes, and Ramly burgers, to name a few.

You get all of these and more at the Yishun Food Street, on top of stalls you’d commonly find at Ramadan bazaars.

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