The World’s First Museum Of Subway Has Opened In SG, With Unique Game Zones & Merch

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Museum Of Subway

A month long pop-up interactive called Museum Of Subway is swinging its door open on 10th August. And yes, it revolves around your fave sandwiches.

As usual, the space is calibrated so you get maximum IG-worthy moments from your walk through 4 different zones. It’s set to be another sold-out sitch so if we were you, we’d hurry up and get a ticket asap. Here’s what to look forward to:

Conquer trivia games at 4 interactive zones

Just because you’re gluten-free or on a no-carb diet, it doesn’t mean Subway’s Big Museum Of Taste isn’t worth a visit.

Situated on Prinsep Link, the sub-inspired exhibition consists of 4 unique zones and a whole lot of games that let you feel and interact with the sandwiches. 

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