Missed the GamesBeat Summit excitement? Don't worry! Tune in now to catch all of the live and virtual sessions here.

I had a good time watching the Summer Game Fest, and I got two wonderful surprises: Ubisoft is making a new Prince of Persia title, with the style of the classic platformers and the story culled from the original concept behind Assassin’s Creed and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. But I felt that something was missing during the show — a certain je ne sais quoi, if you will. I think part of it was that most of the things we saw had already been revealed. Most of the news that was fit to print from the show were release dates. I also think it was a mistake to dedicate so much time to two TV show trailers — especially the Witcher, which is only tangentially related to games. Call me spoiled (I wouldn’t disagree with you), but the whole event felt a bit sluggish to me.

Still, there are approximately 6,000 other shows happening in the next few days, so there’s more than enough time for things to get exciting. I hope Xbox has some tricks up its sleeve — so far I’m hearing that Fable and Hellblade II are likely additions, as are Avowed and Perfect Dark. We’re also going to get another peek at Starfield. Ubisoft and Capcom both likely have some interesting things to show us, and I would be remiss if I left out good old RGG Studios, which will hopefully have more Like a Dragon for us. Also, perhaps I’m a party of one on this, but I’m looking forward to the Wholesome Game showcase. We could always use more cozy games.

There were a few other, smaller announcements that caught my attention. We’re getting a remaster of Shadows of the Damned, one of the games from Suda51’s crazy oeuvre. Atlus also accidentally ...