“The soda is $5???” — Customer charged S$32 for one burger, fries & soda

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SINGAPORE — Singaporeans were shocked after an online user shared a receipt totalling S$32 for one burger, fries, and soda at a Five Guys branch in Singapore.

The online user took to a Singapore news forum on Tuesday (Jan 24) to share a picture of the receipt for a meal consisting of a burger, fries, and soda. The total was S$32. “Wow,” the caption read. “Pricey!”

Wow. Pricey!!!! from singapore

Many online users flocked to the comments section of the post to either express their shock over the high cost or to ask the uploader if he or she at least enjoyed the food, making the cost worth it.

“The soda is S$5???? asked one, to which another replied, “Yes, although it’s refillable, it’s still expensive.”

“Five Guys at Nex is perpetually practically empty. (I don’t know) how they are staying afloat,” wrote one online user. Another quickly responded with wit, saying, “$32 meals, that’s how…”

A few non-Singaporeans also took to the comments to share their thoughts on the price of Five Guys in Singapore. “Man, as an American,” one said, “$24.24 USD is insane for a burger. Here I was thinking the US prices were bad at $20 USD for the same meal.”

“I’m visiting Singapore for work for 3 weeks, and I’m shocked at the prices of everything,” another wrote. “Is pay commensurate here? Because wow.”

For another netizen, when it comes to matters like this, it boils down to what individuals are personally willing to pay for a certain type and quality of food. “If compared to other burger places, it tastes quite good and with large portions,” the online user said.

“Compared to Five Guys in the US or other countries, it’s totally not worth it. That being said, I’d rather pay $30 to eat a good burger than pay $30 to eat some subpar “laksa pasta” at some Instagram-worthy worthy cafe.”

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