The search is on for Singapore's Best Employers 2023

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SINGAPORE - A good working environment and relationship with their employer play a greater role in employee satisfaction than the size of their salary,said global data firm Statista.

This is according to surveys conducted here in previous years, the company said. Another factor contributing to employee satisfaction is having a good feedback culture so workers feel appreciated.

The firm has once again teamed up with The Straits Times to hunt down some of Singapore's top employers for the Singapore's Best Employers 2023 list, now in its fourth edition.

The survey will assess the attractiveness of organisations in Singapore. Firms that employ at least 200 employees will be eligible for evaluation.

They will be evaluated based on two criteria: how willing their employees are to recommend their employers to their friends and family, and how willing employees are to recommend other employers within their industry.

Respondents will be shown a list of pre-researched employers and asked to give their opinion on those that stood out either positively or negatively.

Employers will then be given a score based on the two criteria, with the first one carrying a greater weight, and be ranked by their total score.

"The survey results will give an insight on what dimensions employees value in their own employer that influence their overall satisfaction. Employers can then revisit those dimensions and adjust their hiring practices and working environments," said Statista analysts Wu Ruoh-Yiang and Taylor Benedict, who are both lead analysts for the survey.

Tech giant Google topped the list both in 2021 and this year.The Economic Development Board (EDB) came in second this year, the first government agency to place in the top 10 in the three years the study has been conducted.

Toy retailer The Lego Group, tech giant Apple and fintech firm Wise rounded out the top five, o...

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