The missing link in the cybersecurity market

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CISOs are in a constant state of conflict. While digital transformation and open business models are great for the enterprise, they dramatically expand the attack surface and expose enterprises to malicious cyberattacks. The CISO’s job is to resolve this strategic conflict by implementing cybersecurity technologies and processes, enabling business growth while minimizing cybersecurity risk. 

Their first step in resolving this strategic conflict is to research the cybersecurity market and identify advanced security solutions. Unfortunately, the fragmented nature of the market offers dozens of product categories, ranging from cloud security, endpoint security, application security, web security, threat intelligence and so on. 

As if this isn’t challenging enough, each category is divided into sub-categories.

Talent shortages and budget constraints hurt CISO’s goals

The market’s hyper-segmentation forces security teams to involuntarily become system integrators, investing vast amounts of time and energy into carrying out market analysis, product validation, cross-product integration and product maintenance automation to create a coherent, effective organizational cybersecurity fabric. Such efforts require the recruitment of skilled professionals or the use of advanced services, which pose a challenge due to the acute sho...

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