‘The market is insane at the moment,’ says expat in SG crowdsourcing for help as she’s about to be homeless in 2 weeks

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SINGAPORE: “So, I’m going to be homeless in Singapore in about two weeks,” a South African woman who’s been in the country for eight years said in a TikTok on Tuesday (May 23).

While acknowledging social media as her last resort, she asked for help nevertheless with finding a place to stay, adding that she hopes “this reaches the right person that can help me.”


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Ms Mari Coetsee, who goes by @intheworldofmari on TikTok, had been staying in her last apartment for two years when her lease ended, which drove her to temporarily stay with a friend, as the landlord said no to a short one to two-month extension.

She added that she needs to stay in the country for just a few more weeks while waiting for a visa.

Ms Coetsee is now in need of a place to stay for around six weeks, although she knows that usually, flats in Singapore are rented out for at least three months. And AirBnB is out of the question, as they’re illegal in the country.

The alternatives—a serviced apartment or even a hotel could cost her as much as $8,000— too expensive for her.

“It has just been ridiculous. The market is insane at the moment,” Ms Coetsee said.

“It’s absolutely insane. It’s mental.”

And to complicate matters, she has a dog—a maltipoo—so the place she gets needs to be able to ...

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