The Last Gameboard will demo in 10 cities at GameStop stores

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The Last Gameboard, creator of Gameboard, a tabletop gaming console that blends physical objects with digital gameplay, has teamed up with GameStop in a 10-city “Game Night Experience” launching on Saturday.

The first leg of the tour starts at GameStop stores in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where players will be treated to a live game night experience. This live and in-person experience cheers on the tabletop community’s triumphant return of game night. Players can join in and play at participating GameStop stores and reserve their very own Gameboard.

Board games and tabletop role playing games (TTRPG) are about bringing people together and creating shared experiences. This partnership is creating a unique mix of retail and entertainment, allowing fans to meet and play the games they love in a whole new way, said Shail Mehta, CEO of Denver-based The Last Gameboard.

More than 40 million people play D&D around the world and sales have grown by double-digit percentages for the last five consecutive years, according to a post by game venture capitalist Jonathan Lai of Andreessen Horowitz.

Gameboard’s digital-physical platform gives players instant access to a growing library of content including role-playing, strategy, party, and card-based games. It has a 16-inch by 16-inch touchscreen gameboard with a 1920 x 1920 resolution.

The design brings together three key engineering components: proprietary hardware with SenseScreen technology; custom designed software with native operating system and community and marketplace capabi...

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