In this instalment of Creative Capital, we meet 41-year-old Vasunthara Ramasamy, who runs workshops as well as a South Indian private dining experience called Cutlery Optional.

Vasunthara Ramasamy (Photo: Vasunthara Ramasamy)

Earlier this year, a colleague messaged me about a new private dining experience being set up by a friend. Vasunthara, he said, was on MasterChef and she was specialising in South Indian traditional cuisine. Trusting his tastes, I immediately contacted Vasun (as friends refer to her) and booked an evening a few months later. 

For that dinner, my wife and I invited four close friends, among them a Malaysian-Chinese foodie who gets very turned on by authenticity. None of us knew what to expect from Vasun’s Cutlery Optional experience, other than the name of her pop-up decreed that we’d be eating with our hands.