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Over the past year and a half, I’ve noticed a new trend: CMOs are asked to advise, and in some cases lead, their company’s talent acquisition efforts.

I’m not suggesting that they’re screening applications. Rather, they’re being called upon to attract potential candidates by telling a compelling employee experience story. In other words, they’re tasked with articulating why the best and the brightest would want to work at their companies.

It’s a new frontier for CMOs, but one that makes a lot of sense. CMOs are experts at defining what makes for a stellar customer experience, and many of those skills and insights can be applied to create an experience that’s equally positive for employees. On top of that, employees who feel empowered by the job are more helpful to customers and prospects, creating a virtuous cycle of one experience improving another.

CMOs and the post-pandemic war for talent

It’s hard to fathom that companies still struggle with filling positions, but the U.S. jobs reports prove otherwise. Despite concerns of an impending recession, the Great Resignation is still thriving. Up to 40% of employees say they’re considering leaving their jobs.


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