While educational institutes have long emphasised the importance of and helped students secure internships, students are growing increasingly hungry for more internship opportunities outside of school requirements. (Image: TODAY/Nurjannah Suhaimi)

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SINGAPORE: For the last two years of his university studies, Mr Andrew William strategically scheduled his timetable to maximise most of his time outside class taking up internship stints. 

The now-23-year-old would pack his classes into two to three days, allowing him to work for the rest of the week. Weekends were spent in front of his computer, as he toiled for several start-ups and consultancy companies.

In some semesters, he would take on two internships at once while juggling his studies at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

In total, the communication studies graduate completed 10 internships - although only one stint was a graduation requirement.

The rest of the internship stints?

Mr William, a Singapore permanent resident who graduated in 2022, had taken them up on his own initiative.

Following two internships at an advertising firm and a public relations firm, Mr William felt that the industries did not suit him and decided to pursue a career in consultancy.