The Best Black Friday Deals on STEM Toys for Kids

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The shopping event of the year is upon us. With shipping delays wreaking havoc over the holiday season, it's best to buy now. The best STEM toys encourage the kids in your life to develop their interests, skills, and creativity. But why would we want to limit ourselves to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics? Let's say “STEAM toys” and include the arts too. We've curated the best Black Friday STEM toy deals. We plan to update this story regularly as more bargains emerge.

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Toy Deals

Lego Classic Bricks and Plates

Photograph: Walmart

Best Buy, Kohls

Both my kids played with this sturdy table that has room inside to store the large bricks. This is a great toy for toddlers who aren't ready for anything too small or fiddly yet, and it will encourage their inner architect.  The legs l...

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