Telegram Users Report Problems On 17 Jan Night, Perhaps It’s Time To Sleep Early

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Telegram Users Across Asia Report Issues With App & Desktop Version

Telegram has become a popular messaging platform in Singapore, especially for younger people and workplaces.

With animated stickers and other handy functions like scheduled and disappearing messages, it’s easy to see its appeal.

However, on Monday (17 Jan) night, Telegram users in Asia started experiencing issues with the messaging app – and Singapore wasn’t spared.


Problems started from 10.21pm

On Monday night DownDetectorSG posted on Twitter that Telegram users in Singapore started experiencing problems issues from 10.21pm.


The status report collator showed on its website that more than 7,200 problem reports were made about the app at 10.50pm.

The number fell slightly to more than 6,800 by 11.05pm.


Users can’t connect

Issues reported by users on DownDetector include not being able to connect with the app, with chats not loading.

Others said they tried logging out, but couldn’t log in again. Some even reinstalled the app without any success.

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