Tegenungan Waterfall Is A Dreamy Nature Spot Near Ubud With Swim Areas, Dayclub & Bali Swing

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Blangsinga AKA Tegenungan Waterfall, Bali 

When TLC said, “don’t go chasing waterfalls”, they probably had Ubud in mind. After all, North Bali is known for its jungles and gorgeous waterfalls that have made their way onto our Instagram feeds. If you’d like to visit one of these gems without travelling too far from your hotel, check out Tegenungan Waterfall, also known as Blangsinga Waterfall. It’s a very popular IG spot, too – so you’ll know that you’ll get beautiful photos for the mems.

Here’s what you can expect from this natural landscape located about a 30-minute drive from Ubud Centre.

Stunning waterfall just 30 minutes from Ubud 

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