Taylor Swift's Singapore show fille with health struggles

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Taylor Swift’s fans are concerned over her health as she appears struggling during her Singapore show

Taylor Swift is currently at the Singapore leg of her Eras Tour, and her perseverance to keep the show going amid health concerns has left fans amazed.

In a recent footage, Taylor Swift was seen in the middle of her stint as she struggled on stage while performing her hit song Delicate.

The video features the global sensation taking a break as she coughs and clears her throat before continuing the song amidst a pool of enthusiastically screaming fans at the city’s National Stadium.

The online video swiftly sparked concerns as her fans chimed in and hoped that ‘she’s okay’ and suggested she ‘needs some rest’.

Despite the health concern, Taylor Swift only has two days to recover before her next three shows, scheduled on March 7, 8, and 9 in Singapore.

Rest assured, the Blank Space’s management team has implemented strict safety measures to ensure her well-being and limit her exposure to potential illness.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, during the Australian leg of her tour, a source revealed, “Strict measures are put into place to stop her interacting with anyone outside of her 'bubble'. They can not risk her getting sick under any circumstances.”

“Even those in her bubble, including her dancers and managers, are restricted what they can do and where they can go during their downtime”, the insider added.

The safety measure roots back to the pandemic era when the team had to “permanently axe (meet and greets) as they pose too much risk”

The source also confessed, “Going on a world tour may sound exciting, but the reality of it is each day just consists of going from a hotel room to the venue and repeat”.

Nonetheless, the pop queen will get some time to rest after her March show as her next stop will be Paris, France for a show on May 9 in Paris La Défense ARENA.

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