Taxi Driver Jailed After Calling Female Passenger ‘Bitch’, He Faced 25 Charges Including Speeding

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Taxi Driver Reportedly Called Female Passenger ‘Bitch’ During Argument With Couple At The Airport

Singaporeans who take taxis frequently might have experienced surly drivers before.

However, one taxi driver might be the most hot-tempered in Singapore, having taken part in multiple altercations with passengers and other motorists.

One incident reportedly saw him call a female passenger a “bitch”.

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He was eventually jailed after facing 25 charges including speeding and dangerous driving.

Prosecution proceeded with 10 charges against taxi driver

The cabby in question is 47-year-old Chen Zefa (transliterated from Mandarin), who appeared in court on Friday (22 Sep).

He faced a total of 25 charges, though the prosecution chose to proceed with 10 of them while the rest were taken into consideration, reported Shin Min Daily News,

The 10 charges included insulting the modesty of a woman, speeding and dangerous driving.

Taxi driver calls passenger ‘bitch’ 3 times in airport argument

According to court documents, one of the incidents Chen was involved in took place on 8 Oct 2017.

At about 8pm, he encountered a couple of would-be passengers at Changi Airport.

They wanted to get into his cab, but for some reason he was unwilling to take them.

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