Synthesis Review: TCM-Themed Restaurant Bar With Suan Pan Zi Carbonara, Opens Till 2AM

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Synthesis is a new TCM-inspired restaurant bar in Suntec City

It’s hard to find a restaurant that ticks these boxes: good food, great vibes, and a convenient location. However, when I heard about Synthesis, Suntec City’s latest addition, it sounded like there was some potential.

After all, the TCM-themed restaurant bar is helmed by Sebastian Ang, the owner behind the popular retro-inspired Mama Diam—surely they must know what they’re doing.

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Food at Synthesis

Synthesis’ food menu offers a wide variety of Modern Singaporean AKA Mod-Sin fare. If you’ve been to Mama Diam, you’ll know just what I mean. Here, the grub elevates local flavours with premium ingredients—think char siew made with Iberico pork, and Japanese oysters zhnged-up with a unique mee siam foam.

Start off with the Laksa Prawn Tartare ($22++). This cold appetiser came in a platter with three separate components: house-made laksa gelato, prawn tartare, and Pringles chips. The fun begins when you get to assemble your snack; simply add a spoonful of tartare and a smear of the savoury gelato.

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