Sweedy Patisserie Opens A Hougang Cafe With Fat Macarons And Durian Cakes

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Sweedy Patisserie has fatcarons and durian cakes at Hougang

Image credit: @itsaciaventure

If you’ve ever seen giant macarons with thick, luscious fillings, they’re most likely fatcarons, a uniquely Korean twist to the petite French pastry. You can now get them at Sweedy Patisserie, a local home-grown brand that specialises in artisanal fatcarons and durian cakes!

Image credit: @littlegirlnoms

Previously, Sweedy Patisserie’s pastries were only available online, with occasional pop-up stores around the island. You can now purchase these pretty nibbles from their brand new physical outlet, which is located in Hougang. 

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