Surcharge hike for taxi rides from Changi Airport extended by six months until end-2022

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SINGAPORE - Passengers taking a taxi from Changi Airport will continue to pay an additional $3 per trip until the end of the year, as the increase in the location surcharge will be extended by six months.

The increased surcharge - which Changi Airport Group (CAG) had earlier said was aimed at ensuring a better supply of cabs to the airport - kicked in on May 19 and was originally supposed to end on June 30.

This surcharge hike will now be extended until Dec 31, 11.59pm, according to a Facebook post by taxi operator Strides Taxi, a subsidiary of public transport company SMRT, on Thursday (June 23).

With the increase, taxi rides starting from the airport, Changi Air Freight Centre, the Airport Police Station and the Airport Logistics Park of Singapore, will cost an additional $8 every day from 5pm to 11.59pm, and an additional $6 at all other times.

Before the fare hike, the airport surcharge was $5 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 5pm to 11.59pm, and $3 at all other times.

The decision to raise the surcharge had come amid a reluctance from cabbies to go to the airport to pick up passengers despite a revival in international air travel, resulting in a shortage of cabs and long queues at the airport's taxi stands.

Increasing the surcharge drew more cabs back to Changi, but taxi drivers had told The Straits Times that it does not make up for petrol costs, which have risen by 30 to 40 per cent in the past six months, and the long wait of up to an hour for a fare.

During an announcement earlier this month (June 10) that

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