Style News: History of Whoo’s new line for younger skin, beauty pop-ups by Shiseido and Kiehl’s

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Feb 22, 2024, 01:00 PM


Feb 22, 2024, 01:00 PM

History Of Whoo debuts entry-level skincare

Luxury South Korean skincare brand The History of Whoo has just launched Royal Regina, an anti-ageing line for those in their 20s.

The Royal Regina collection features a trio of essentials – Royal Regina Energy Drop Treatment ($58), Royal Regina Energetic Repair Serum ($86) and Royal Regina Energetic Recharging Cream ($118). Together, they form a three-step skincare regimen designed to energise, repair and sustain the skin’s vitality, and claim to ward off signs of ageing.

At the heart of this luxurious line is the Royal Iris Absolute, an ingredient meticulously extracted from the roots of the Korean and Italian Iris Ensata flowers. Utilising a gentle low-temperature method, this process ensures the potent antioxidant benefits of the iris are fully preserved, enhancing the formula’s effectiveness.

Both the serum and cream are also enriched with tocopherol, ferulic acid and Royal Amino Repair – a dynamic duo of amino acids crafted from an extensive analysis of more than 500 royal beauty recipes and royal medicinal herbs.

Launched in 2003, The History of Whoo was created to revive beauty secrets once exclusive to Korean empresses. Regina is the Latin word for queen.

Royal Regina is available at The History of Whoo’s boutiques and counters, as well as online at Shopee and LazMall.

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