Student knocked down by car after driver fails to stop at zebra crossing outside Bukit View Secondary

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Car rams into student at zebra crossing outside Bukit View Secondary on 16 April

On Tuesday (16 April), SG Road Vigilante – SGRV posted footage of a collision involving a student and a car outside Bukit View Secondary School.

The video showed the girl, dressed in what looked to be a school uniform, attempting to cross at a zebra crossing with guidance from a traffic warden.

However, an oncoming vehicle failed to notice her, knocking her over.

Many commenters have called out the driver for not being aware of their surroundings.

Student hit by car at zebra crossing in school zone

According to SGRV, the incident occurred along a zebra crossing near Bukit View Secondary School at 7.05am today (16 April).

Dashcam footage from a vehicle travelling in the opposite direction showed the student walking hastily across the zebra crossing.


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