StarHub launches digital health service in Singapore

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Collaborates with Singapore's Alexandra Hospital and ConnectedLife with Fitbit to connect patients with doctors, health coaches and caregivers

On 14 September, Singapore's multinational telecommunications conglomerate StarHub launched LifeHub+, a digital health service in partnership with Singapore's Alexandra Hospital (AH) and ConnectedLife in collaboration with electronics and fitness company, Fitbit.

The collaboration leverages a platform for the users to share their Fitbit data through the LifeHub+ app, and receive dynamic health scores, data alerts, and metrics which give them simple, clear insights into their health for tracking and daily improvement.  

The unique strategic patient care solution grants access to a pre-programmed care team of family doctor or General Practitioner (GP), a health coach from AH, caregivers, and even doctors from other healthcare institutions, to review user's health data via a dedicated secure LifeHub+ dashboard. LifeHub+ can also be programmed to improve health by pushing towards a physically active lifestyle, medication reminders, exercise, or scheduling medical check-ups.

“We believe in the massive potential of technology in transforming healthcare and improving patient experience. Aligned with our DARE+ strategy, we are leveraging our expertise in connectivity, to create a digital health service that helps doctors channel attentive care and enroll their consenting patients into a holistic health plan. With LifeHub+, clinicians can access the latest health data and evaluate their patients’ wellness quickly and accurately, and intervene early when they discover risk factors. The initiative bridges patients with their family doctors and caregivers,” said Johan Buse, Chief, Consumer Business Group, StarHub.

300 eligible patients from AH and GP clinics with preventable chronic health risks will be among the first to be onboarded to LifeHub+ and have their wellness activities and certain metrics monitored by AH health coaches and their GPs. The initiative improves patients’ health and lifestyles, especially in the prevention and management of chronic diseases. 

Health and wellness data in the LifeHub+ app include Fitbit metrics such as steps, exercise, sleep patterns, heart rate, heart rate variability, skin temperature variation, breathing rate, oxygen saturation (SpO2) and more. This data, together w...

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