Stability AI brings new clarity and power to gen AI audio with Stable Audio 2.0

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Stability AI is continuing to push forward its vision for generative AI with the Stable Audio 2.0 audio model today.

Stability AI is perhaps best known for its text-to-image Stable Diffusion models, but that’s only one of many models the company has been working on. Stable Audio had its initial release in Sept. 2023, introducing the ability for users to generate short audio clips with a simple text prompt. With Stable Audio 2.0, users can generate high-quality audio tracks of up to 3 minutes, double the 90 seconds the initial Stable Audio release enabled.

In addition to supporting text-to-audio, Stable Audio 2.0 will also support audio-to-audio generation, where users upload a sample they want to use as a prompt. Stability AI is making Stable Audio available for limited use for free on the Stable Audio website, with API access available soon so developers can build services.

The new Stable Audio 2.0 release is the first major model drop from Stability AI since the company’s former CEO and founder Emad Mostaque abruptly resigned at the end of March. According to the company, it’s still very much business as usual and the Stable Audio 2.0 update is a testament to that.

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