Speech By Pol de Win, Head Of Global Sales And Origination, SGX Group At EY Entrepreneur Of The Year Awards Dinner 2023

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Good evening, Dr. Tan, Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Trade and Industry. Nam Soon, it is such a pleasure for us to partner EY on this fantastic event; winners, nominees, ladies and gentlemen. 

Tonight, we gather not only to honour success but to applaud the visionaries, trailblazers and innovators who have transformed dreams into reality. The accomplishments of our winners tonight are nothing short of remarkable, showcasing the ingenuity, resilience and entrepreneurial spirit that has defined the business landscape in Singapore. 

We live in a world today, characterised by uncertainty and rapid change. And because of this, the role of entrepreneurs has never been more crucial. I am sure the winners we celebrate tonight have not only weathered unpredictable conditions but have thrived amidst the challenges. 

Their ability to adapt to evolving circumstances and turn obstacles into opportunities is truly commendable. In doing so, they have not only contributed to the local economy, but have also become beacons of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

On that note, those of you who were here last year may remember that I mentioned the entrepreneurial spirit of my 7-year-old daughter. I'm glad to say she still has it. One year older and perhaps wiser, she pivoted from her aspiration to become a youtuber towards something that drives more cash flows and margins in the near term, and that happened to be re-selling Slime on her schoolbus. This turned out to be a learning experience, however, as she did not think quite enough about the licensing and regulatory aspects of this endeavour. 

Beyond the impressive commercial achievements, we can all agree our entrepreneurs have had profound impact on society. The innovations and products born out of their visions also shape the way we live, work, and interact. Entrepreneurs truly are the architects of progress, pushing boundaries of what’s possible and leaving their marks on our society.  It’s heartening to witness the diversity of industries represented, in the nominations and winners. They range from traditional to emerging sectors, showcasing the richness of ideas and talents. I’d like to take a moment to briefly call out our winners who are making their marks regionally and globally:

  • Phyllis Ong from Armstong Group
  • Yvon Bock with Hegen 
  • Althea Lim at Gushcloud; and 
  • Olive Tai with Synagie. 

And I'm sure ...

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