South Korea Will Drop Pre-Departure Testing From 3rd Sep, Easier & Cheaper Travels For Singaporeans

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Travel to South Korea 

Singaporeans have a long-standing love affair with everything South Korea, whether we’re part of the BTS army or can’t get enough of bibimbap and KBBQ. Just take a look at the lines that snake outside the Korean BBQ restaurants that line Tanjong Pagar on a typical weekend.

So here’s some news most of us will rejoice: South Korea is eliminating its pre-departure testing requirements for all travellers from 3rd September 2022. Flying to South Korea will now be a lot easier, so you can live your best main K-drama character life fuss-free. 

No more pre-departure testing

Everland Theme Park. 

We get it, travelling can be expensive. But now that there’ll be one less PCR test needed for your trip to South Korea, this means you&...

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