SODENG Korean Restaurant Review: Unique K-BBQ Duck, Duck Mandu And More In Telok Ayer

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SODENG Korean Restaurant in Telok Ayer has Singapore’s first duck KBBQ

Um Yong Baek is one of those restaurants that has drawn perennially long queues since they first opened a year ago. They’re known for their aged pork KBBQ and dwaeji gukbap, or pork and rice soup. When the team contacted us about their latest venture, SODENG Korean Restaurant, we were incredibly surprised to see duck on the menu—and so off we went to Telok Ayer in a hurry.

When you think of Korean food, duck isn’t the first protein you’d associate with the cuisine. SODENG claims to be the only restaurant in Singapore to serve it, cooked at the table on a sodaeng (소댕), or the pot lid of an ancient Korean cooking vessel called the gamasot (가마솥).

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Food at SODENG Korean Restaurant

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