Snake Appears Underneath Shelves In Capitol Piazza Bakery, Workers Team Up To Catch It

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Snake Appears In Wu Pao Chun Bakery At Capitol Piazza

On Saturday (18 Mar), a snake appeared in Wu Pao Chun bakery at Capitol Piazza, stunning shoppers in the vicinity.

Worried for customers’ safety, staff at the shop teamed up to catch the snake with a mop and a pair of metal tongs.

Once it was within their grasp, they handed it over to security guards at the mall.

Snake spotted at Capitol Piazza bakery on 18 Mar

Lianhe Zaobao reports that the sighting occurred at a Wu Pao Chun outlet in Capitol Piazza at about 4.30pm on 18 Mar.

Speaking to the Chinese daily, a passer-by named Zhang said she was walking into the bakery when she found two staff members hovering near one of the shelves.

She initially assumed they were cleaning but later realised they were trying to catch the snake.

Staff members try to catch snake using mop

Lianhe Zaobao has posted a 22-second clip of the incident to Facebook.

In the video, a snake that looks primarily black remains coiled in the space beside a glass wall and below a shelf with bread.

One of the staff members holds it down with a mop while another tries to catch it with a pair of metal tongs.

The snake continues to squirm while pinned under the mop as onlookers gath...

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