slow bakes – Relax With Handmade Bakes at This Perfect Space in Yishun

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By the same folks behind REAL FOOD, slow bakes is a quaint little cafe in Yishun serving fresh handmade bakes. It’s an open-air concept, but fret not as it can be quite cooling when a nice breeze blows by.

Even on a Thursday morning, the cafe was pretty packed. There were queues and a decent amount of waiting time. Conveniently located near Yishun Pond, the cafe is popular with patrons who have gone for a morning exercise there.

Since they were known for their bakes, I decided to go for their Big Breakfast Set ($16, u.p. $20.20) which allows me to have a taste of most of the bakes. The set consists of 2 drinks, 4 eggs, and 4 toasts with spreads.

The cafe prides itself on its traditional handmade kaya, so I definitely wanted kaya to be one of the spreads. Slathered...

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