Sister Of Jailed S’pore Maserati Driver Claims Car Belongs To Parents, Asks For Its Return

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She claimed that her brother had pledged the car to repay the loans he had taken from their parents.

By - 25 Jan 2023, 6:18 pm

Sister Of Maserati Driver Asks For Car Back To Repay Parents’ Loans

In 2017, 39-year-old Lee Cheng Yan dragged a police officer trapped in his Maserati door along the road to evade the law.

As such, he was jailed, fined, and given a lifetime driving ban.

S’pore Driver Charged For Dragging Officer With Maserati Asks For Vehicle Back & Shorter Jail Term

However, in 2022, he reoffended while banned and again tried to evade police, resulting in an additional driving ban.

On Wednesday (25 Jan), Lee’s sister made a case in court for the vehicle to be returned.

She claimed that the car belonged to their parents and that the proceeds from selling it would be used to repay them for the loans her brother took from them.

Maserati driver hopes to get car back

According to Channel NewsAsia (CNA), the hearing on Wednesday (25 Jan) was for the confiscation of the Maserati in the 2017 incident.

The Road Traffic Act states that if a repeat offender uses their vehicle to comm...

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