Singaporeans share “zero effort health tips” for Singapore

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SINGAPORE: Some people may believe that adopting healthy habits can take too much effort in a fast-paced environment. But Singaporeans have banded together to share some “zero effort health tips” for adults after an online user created a thread in a news forum.

“What are some ‘zero effort’ health tips to adopt in the Singaporean adult context?” the online user wrote in a news forum on Sunday (Feb 25). “Zero effort as in not time-consuming and (doesn’t break) the wallet.”

The post also included a list of things the writer sticks to:

“Some tips that I follow:

  • 1. Order only teh/kopi siew dai or kosong
  • 2. Try not to sit as much as possible at work
  • 3. Set reminders to drink 1 cup of water hourly at work
  • 4. Wake up and drink 1 big cup of water/ reach home from work drink 1 big cup of water
  • 5. Take night walks with my kid (the only exercise I am able to commit to)
  • 6. Dieting. Less oily, less meat, more veggie
  • 7. Sleep early. The easiest and the hardest to do. Sometimes just want to use it a bit longer.”

Singaporeans weigh in on a healthy lifestyle

A handful of online users responded to the writer’s post, sharing their own advice.

“Just three big categories in my opinion (and you covered two/three)” wrote one.

“Eat well, get enough sleep, reduce stress. Chronic stress is a big cause of avoidable health problems. So doing things you enjoy, and taking care of mental health also helps physical health.”

“Take the stairs and not the escalator at MRTs,” said another.

Still, a third shared, “Meditate before sleep – start with one minute and slowly increase to a longer time. (It) helps to clear my mind.”

Keys to a healthy lifestyle

According to Health Hub, eating healthy, being active, and prioritising your mental health are all key areas of a healthy lifestyle.

While some people think that good nutrition is only crucial during the formative years of childhood, it should continue to be a priority even in adulthood.

Eating healthy keeps your immune system strong, making it harder to catch certain viruses and develop certain diseases.

Keeping active should also be a major priority for adults, especially since it helps keep your heart healthy. Furthermore, engaging in physical activity and exercise is an effective way to lose weight and reduce stress le...

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