Singapore To Portugal – The Longest Train Journey In The World, Across 9 Countries & 18,7000km

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Journey from Singapore to Portugal by Train

Most of us probably spend a good amount of time riding the MRT to get around. If you take the East-West Line end to end from Tuas Link to Pasir Ris, that’s a 1 hour 15 minute ride – the longest non-stop line you can take in Singapore.

But that’s nothing compared to the longest train ride you can possibly take, as plotted out by Reddit user – u/htGoSEVe. It’s a journey that spans 2 continents and crosses 9 countries. u/htGoSEVe started his out from Portugal to Singapore, but we’ve reversed it, just in case you plan on making this journey yourself.

Here’s how you can journey from Singapore to Portugal by train:


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