Singapore To Penang By Train Guide – A 593KM Journey Via KTMB Rail For $40/Pax

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How to take the KTMB train from Singapore to Penang

With Penang being the food haven it is, there’s no doubt that Singaporeans love visiting the island despite its location up north in Malaysia. Those who are looking for an alternative way to get to Penang without flying can actually do so for less than ~S$50 with the KTMB train from Singapore to Penang.

Besides saving on airfare, you also get to go on an adventure and see Malaysia’s landscapes en route. Our guide will walk you through essential details, including travel time, costs, train transfers, and the perks that come with your ticket. 

What route does the KTMB from Singapore to Penang take?

The entire route from Singapore to Penang covers a total distance of 593km in approximately 12 hours.

Your journey will start at Woodlands CIQ and cover Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur or Gemas (in Negeri Sembilan), and Butterworth. The latter is Penang’s mainland, whe...

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